lawyers & consultants

In a world of black and white and shades of grey, we make solutions clear to see.

Vincent Young stands at the gritty interface between the site and the rest of the world.

We solve legal and claim related problems. We are specialists to the construction, engineering, development and resources industries. The people looking after your matter in the Vincent Young team have on-site experience. We understand the technical issues, the way sites are run and the paperwork required to satisfy your contract and the law.

We are hands-on. Our directors manage every matter, treating every client matter as if it were our own. Our formula is to mix and match our lawyers and consultants (quantity surveyors, programmers and project managers) to seamlessly produce the most cost-effective, high quality work.

We live and breathe the construction, engineering, development and resources industries and, just like you, we are happy to provide our services for a lump sum and to an agreed timeline where possible.

There are no ivory towers at Vincent Young.

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  • Lawyers

    We practice law in the development, building, construction, engineering and the resources industries.

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  • Consultants

    Our in-house contract administration and claims consultancy practice.

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  • Clients

    If you work in the construction and engineering, development and resources industries, chances are you’ll know a lot of our clients.

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  • About us

    Principals Brett Vincent and Craig Young.

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  • Lump sum fees

    Unlike other firms, where we can, we lump sum fees for our services.

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  • Security of Payments

    We know the security of payments law inside out – that’s what leads to our success.

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