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security of payments

get paid

get paid

Sick of posting bills? Speak to us.

Cashflow is king. You need to get paid on time to stay afloat and get ahead.

The security of payments (SOP) law exists to protect businesses. Vincent Young knows SOP, and we use it to the advantage of our clients. Eight of the twenty leading cases in SOP law in Australia were run and won by us.

We have won cases based on legal issues alone. We win because our experience is supported by construction lawyers and consultants who formulate the documents needed to be successful.

Our people have had practical on-site experience in the construction industry and years of experience formulating security of payments documents using the best legal strategies available to our clients. We help you do your homework in advance of making or defending a claim.

We can help you get paid or defend a claim.


The way we work:


    Uniquely, we use lawyers and consultants in the preparation and defence of SOP claims. They work together seamlessly to prepare cost-effective, successful documentation. Most other firms and consultancies do not offer this service, which helps our clients win their claims and SOP cases.


    Unlike other legal or consultancy firms in Australia we will also provide you with a timeline program with milestone dates that we intend to meet. You can monitor the progress of your matter on the program. We see little difference between our tasks and those to be performed by you for one of your own clients.


    Unlike other legal firms, we don’t place a margin on items such as photocopying and stationery. For these items we simply charge at cost.