Can I vary the days or hours that an employee works under a jobkeeper enabling direction?

Yes. You can give a “Jobkeeper enabling stand down direction” to:

  • not work on a day or days on which the employee would usually work; or
  • work for a lesser period than the period which the employee would ordinarily work on a particular day or days; or
  • work a reduced number of hours compared with the employee’s ordinary hours of work (which can be zero),

when an employee cannot be usefully employed for their normal days or hours due to
changes to the business because of COVID-19 or government initiatives to slow the
transmission of COVID19.

The jobkeeper enabling stand down direction must be safe, having regard to (without
limitation) the nature and spread of COVID19.

Note: the employer must also qualify for the JobKeeper Scheme and must become entitled to one or more jobkeeper payments for the employee during a period “that consists of or includes” the stand down period, or for periods that “when considered together, consist of or include the jobkeeper enabling stand down period”.