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What we do


We’re a law firm specialising in construction, commercial & insolvency and property & projects law. We’re a leader in our field. We speak plainly and we provide no-nonsense advice. We manage deals to completion and resolve disputes. We run every matter hard.

Our story


Vincent Young was founded by Brett Vincent in 2005. As an engineer and senior lawyer, Brett saw the need for a specialist legal practice that understood the true challenges of the construction industry from the inside.

Before undertaking legal studies, Brett started his career as a construction cadet and project manager, giving him first hand experience on-site. These early experiences shaped him. He saw the disconnect between traditional law firms and the construction industry’s acute need for practical, timely and cost-effective legal advice and consulting services. With that guiding principle, he founded Vincent Young, and the formula worked.

A unique formula


Since those humble beginnings, Vincent Young has grown to be a leading construction law firm. The firm is lean, agile and has a clear client focus. The team is dedicated to practical, specialised sector knowledge and this is powered by an entrepreneurial mindset – a unique formula within the legal fraternity.

We’re proud of our record


We believe it takes attentiveness, dedication, a deep understanding of your business issues and the ability to think outside the box (a rare trait in the law) to achieve the best solutions.

When it comes to legal matters, results are everything. We love nothing more than to win. We’re tenacious and we believe in getting results. That’s why we’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the industry on the most high profile cases. We’re also proud to say we’ve won many awards for our efforts.

In conversation
with our
Managing Partner

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A letter from our Managing Partner




Dear reader,

Love of client

After ten years in the construction industry and a further ten long years struggling to become a half-decent lawyer, I started Vincent Young. The firm was born out of my desperate need for a place where I could survive and then thrive.

My first office was cheap and dark, with low ceilings. From that August day in 2005, we fought to become a highly regarded specialised law firm.

Today, our firm Vision speaks of “being the best”. We are not yet the best, but after nearly 20 years, we have grown a firm with a culture that reflects honesty, respect, and teamwork in a thriving meritocracy—a place where the very best of us prosper. Vincent Young’s values speak of accountability, excellence, efficiency and perseverance. All great qualities, yet the firm’s service value rings loudest and truest in my ears. That is our service towards the needs of others.

In my opinion, when Vincent Young undertakes a task for a client, it does so like few other firms. We exercise our skills with passion and involvement, rarely seen elsewhere. I believe we do so because of our “love of client”.

I had always thought I was more devoted and passionate about my clients and their needs than most other practitioners. But as I draft this letter and survey our sunlit office, I realise we have collected and polished a wonderful group of lawyers to the point where they shine like diamonds. These people reflect our culture and values, but most importantly, they passionately serve their clients’ needs. They do so because they love their clients.

In turn, our clients are like us. They value skill, passion and the concept of service from the heart.

These are exciting times at Vincent Young.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Vincent & The Partners



We prioritise the client.


We ensure our work is of a high standard and meets all expectations.


We are effective and organised.


We are resourceful and have a ‘can do’ attitude.


We are quick to acknowledge our own failures and respect those who do.