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Contracting essentials for lawn mower mechanics – Part 1

By 15 January, 2014No Comments

A contract is like a lawn mower. Each has about 50 operable parts, some are dangerous, others fuel the engine and others clean up and catch the grass.

Welcome to your first lesson on the contracting essentials for lawn mower mechanics.

This first article will focus on the terms that are the dangerous parts. These terms require some caution; these are the parts that cut deepest when one accidentally places one’s hands too close to the mower blades. These are the parts of a contract that pose the most risk to the parties.

The dangerous parts include:

  • clause 8 Contract documents;
  • clause 15 Damages to persons and property other than WUC;
  • clause 25 Latent conditions;
  • clause 34 Time and Progress; and
  • clause 36 Variations

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