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Contracting essentials for lawn mower mechanics – Part 2: Throttle and fuel

By 10 January, 2014No Comments

Welcome to your second lesson on the contracting essentials for lawn mower mechanics.

This second article will discuss the ‘throttle and fuel’ of the contract. These clauses keep the machine running. They outline how money is to flow between Principal and Contractor as well as any other requirements which facilitate the operation of the Contract.

The throttle and fuel includes:

  • clause 2 Nature of Contract;
  • clause 3 Provisional sums;
  • clause 5 Security;
  • clause 9 Assignment and Subcontracting;
  • clause 16 Insurance of Works and Professional Indemnity Insurance;
  • clause 17 Public Liability Insurance;
  • clause 36 Programming;
  • clause 37 Payment; and
  • clause 38 Payment of workers, consultants and sub-contractors.

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