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Product Safety Recall – Electrical Cable

By 17 September, 2014No Comments

Please be advised that on 27 August 2014 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released a Product Safety Recall of all,

INFINITY & OLSENT branded Infinity TPS (flat and flexible) & Orange Round low voltage electrical cables of all sizes, configurations and models that are polymeric insulated and PVC sheathed/insulated

The safety recall is to remedy all installed Infinity cable supplied by the listed cable suppliers as follows:

  • The removal and replacement of all Infinity cable installed in proximity to heat sources.

  • The removal and replacement of all cable installed in areas that are accessible to building owners, tradespeople or the public, unless the cable is laid in an appropriate cable conduit or other suitable mechanical protection.

  • Any Infinity cable left installed in appropriate cable conduit or in inaccessible wall, floor or ceiling spaces or embedded into a masonry wall surface must have an appropriate electrical safety switch (residual current device) installed and tested on that cable, if such a device is not already installed and tested.

  • Any premises with Infinity cable left installed must have an appropriate warning sticker affixed to the relevant electrical metering/switch box alerting building owners and tradespeople to the presence of inaccessible Infinity sourced cable.

The following cable suppliers may have supplied you with this product,

  • NSW 2010 – 2013

    • (Masters Home Improvement; John Danks & Son; Mitre 10; Pioneer Electrical Supplies; Salmon Bros. Data and Electrical; United Electrical and Data Supplies; Alliance Electrical Wholesalers; Sydney Electrical Wholesalers; Ramax Electrical Wholesalers; Network Electrical Supplies; Go Electrical; Advanced Electrical Wholesalers, EZLEC Trade Supplies & Project Lighting)

  • Qld 2012 – 2013

    • (Masters Home Improvement; Mitre 10 & HEM Queensland)

  • Vic 2012 – 2013

    • (Masters Home Improvement; John Danks & Son; Mitre 10 & Go Electrical)

As advised by the ACCC, if you suspect any of these cables were installed in your premises or on a relevant project, you must contact the responsible builder, electrical contractor, appliance installer or cable supplier to confirm whether Infinity or Olsent cable was used. They will liaise with you, and the cable supplier from whom they sourced the cable, about obtaining remedy under this safety recall. The cable supplier will then arrange for inspection of your wiring and remediation of any installed Infinity cable. 

To see if this applies to you and for full understanding of your potential obligations and requirements, you MUST review the relevant Product Safety Recall notice found at