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September 2019

“Poisonous employee” wins claim of adverse action
27 September, 2019

“Poisonous employee” wins claim of adverse action

This recent Federal Circuit Court decision reminds us of the need for employers to ensure that redundancies are implemented on the basis of genuine operational reasons. A decision to terminate an employee’s employment or disestablish an employee’s position where there is a lack of evidence around the operational reasons for…
18 September, 2019

Are you next?: the implications of underpaying staff

The recent headlines involving celebrity chef George Calombaris and the MADE Group of Restaurants serves as a warning to employers about workplace compliance and the consequences of getting it wrong. Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker says “the Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on underpayments in the Fast Food, Restaurant…
2 September, 2019

Changes to legislation for off-the-plan sales

The Conveyancing (Legislation) Amendment Act 2018 (Act) was passed by Parliament on 13 November 2018. It deals with aspects of electronic land transactions and off-the-plan sale contracts for residential property. The sections of the Act dealing with electronic land transactions took effect on assent being 22 November 2018. The sections…