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Monthly Archives: March 2020

COVID-19 Emergency Lease Legislation

The COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Act 2020 (NSW) (‘COVID Act‘) was assented to and became effective as at 25 March 2020. The COVID Act was introduced by the NSW Parliament to address the public health emergency impacts caused by COVID-19 in New South Wales. The measures introduced by the COVID Act will generally operate on …
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Temporary amendments to Australian insolvency laws due to coronavirus effective today

The Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 (Cth) (Act) has come into force.  The Act, among other things, makes temporary amendments to the Australian insolvency and corporations laws in light of the economic impacts of the coronavirus. Why have the amendments been made? The Act provides temporary relief for financially distressed businesses and individuals in …
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Stay or leave: a guide to coronavirus for employers

The employment law team has been assisting clients in traversing the issues that every employer will likely encounter following the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and has developed a quick reference guide. The issues are varied and, in some instances, complex. We encourage you to seek assistance early to avoid falling foul of your legal …
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