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1 December, 2023

Using DOCAS To Preserve SOPA Claims In Administrations?

Commercial Context Construction companies are often thinly capitalised and do not hold significant real property or other assets.  Often their most significant (and sometimes their only) assets are unpaid progress claims arising from construction work undertaken prior to entering into external administration. Progress claims however can be difficult to recover.…
6 November, 2023

The PJC’s Corporate Insolvency Report

On 12 July 2023, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services (PJC) released a comprehensive report on corporate insolvency in Australia. This report made 28 recommendations focused on addressing various issues in the current Australian corporate insolvency space and raised some issues in the personal insolvency sector. The…
21 July, 2023

Implied Terms In Construction Contracts

When nothing is something Construction contracts in Australia consist of both express and implied terms. Express terms are clearly stated and agreed upon by the parties involved. Implied terms, on the other hand, are "unspoken" but still considered part of a construction contract. This article will consider the concept of…
4 April, 2023

Voluntary Winding Up or Deregistration?

Once a company has stopped trading, directors can wind up its affairs through either a members’ voluntary winding up or a deregistration.  This article explains each process as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Members' voluntary winding up Overview of the process Voluntary winding ups commence when the shareholders of…