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10 June, 2022

Execution by Strata Bodies

Different strata bodies are formed in different ways under the NSW strata law and have different powers and functions under the relevant instruments. This article aims to set out the various considerations in relation to execution by strata bodies and also highlights the best practice in achieving validly executed documents…
8 September, 2021

Activating development consents

In NSW, a development may or may not require consent, depending on the conditions in an environmental planning instrument. Developments which do not require consents are usually very low impact developments and are referred to as exempt developments. This article focuses on developments which require consents and that include complying…
8 December, 2017

Separable Parts in Staged Development

The Strata Building Bond Scheme, which was introduced by the Strata Management Act 2015 (the Act), provides that in situations where the Act applies (See New strata law and building bond regime are set to commence), the developer must give a security (“building bond”) to the Secretary of the Department…