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The law is complex and ever changing. Small amendments to legislation can have serious impact throughout the industry and broader economy. Seemingly minor details can make or break a business.

That’s why our team are constantly researching, writing and documenting the latest changes to the law. By placing focus on writing and commentary we ensure our team and our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

Meet the Writers Guild


Our Writers Guild are some of the most prolific drafters in the industry. Our Senior Associates meet once a week to research, debate and write about the major issues facing our clients and the broader sector. We believe that by researching these matters it helps to inform our team and our clients, ensuring every move we make is deeply researched and considered. These deep insights form part of our winning formula at Vincent Young.

Contact us if you would like us to present to your organisation on any of the matters in our papers.

Latest articles

19 April, 2023

Security For Costs Applications In Federal Court Class Actions

Its Eco Pty Ltd v BPS Financial Limited FCA 842 Security for costs (SFC) orders cannot usually be made against individuals, unlike corporations, in class actions in the Federal Court of Australia (the general rule). However, builders and/or their insurers should be relieved as the Federal Court of Australia (FCA)…
12 April, 2023

Application of Limitation Periods to the Statutory Duty of Care under the Design and Building Practitioners Act

The introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners Act (DBPA) represents a tremendous reform for the construction industry. The duty of care imposed by section 37 has the potential to impact both businesses and individuals significantly. Industry stakeholders should be aware of the limitation periods applying to this duty. Relevant…
4 April, 2023

Voluntary Winding Up or Deregistration?

Once a company has stopped trading, directors can wind up its affairs through either a members’ voluntary winding up or a deregistration.  This article explains each process as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Members' voluntary winding up Overview of the process Voluntary winding ups commence when the shareholders of…
14 February, 2023

Duty Of Care, Where Does It Stop?

A Case Note on Roberts v Goodwin Street Developments Pty Ltd NSWCA 5 Extension of the Duty of Care under DBPA The Supreme Court in Goodwin held that the coverage of duty of care under section 37(1) of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) (DBPA) extends beyond residential…
8 February, 2023

Do Costs Always Follow The Event?

  Introduction Costs in litigation can be as complicated as the substantive dispute. There are various types of costs orders that the Court may make and the legal principles behind each costs order. These are each well worth a detailed discussion in their own right. The general rule as to…
3 January, 2023

New NSW Government Commercial Principles

  On 1 September 2022, the NSW Government published its “Commercial principles on escalation risk for infrastructure projects” (Commercial Principles) to guide contractors and government agencies through the current inflationary environment. The Commercial Principles recognise cost escalation as a foreseeable risk that can be managed. These are intended as a…
26 December, 2022

Comparison of Home Warranty Insurance Schemes   

What is Homeowners’ Warranty Insurance? Homeowners warranty insurance (HWI) is a type of mandatory insurance designed to protect homeowners in the event that certain residential building works are defective or incomplete. HWI is known by many different names throughout Australia. National Approach Currently there is no uniform national approach to…