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Vincent Young

9 October, 2023

Forfeiture of lease and relief for sublessees

A summary of Synergy Scaffolding Holdings Pty Ltd v Goodman Funds Management Australia Limited as trustee for GAI1 RPF Subtrust of the Hayesbery NSWSC 538 In this Supreme Court of New South Wales decision, the Summons filed by the Plaintiffs, the sublessees, in respect of relief sought against forfeiture of…
22 September, 2023

Overview On Incentive Clawbacks

The effectiveness of incentive clawback provisions, whilst common in commercial leasing transactions, continues to be uncertain. Perhaps it is time to consider alternatives. See details below. Some recent cases In brief summary: Courts are open to interpreting an incentive clawback clause as potentially not being a penalty where it gives…
14 September, 2023

Landmark Legislation Passed: Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) to Transform Affordable Housing Landscape

In a significant development for the property development sector, the Federal Parliament has today successfully passed the bill establishing the $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF), marking a significant milestone in addressing the nation's housing crisis. This ground-breaking initiative is poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities for property developers and…
28 August, 2023

What is subdivision of land?

Subdivision of land is defined under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) as the division of land into two or more parts that, after the division, would be obviously adapted for separate occupation, use or disposition. The division may (but need not) be effected: (a) by conveyance, transfer…