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12 April, 2023

Application of Limitation Periods to the Statutory Duty of Care under the Design and Building Practitioners Act

The introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners Act (DBPA) represents a tremendous reform for the construction industry. The duty of care imposed by section 37 has the potential to impact both businesses and individuals significantly. Industry stakeholders should be aware of the limitation periods applying to this duty. Relevant…
14 February, 2023

Duty Of Care, Where Does It Stop?

A Case Note on Roberts v Goodwin Street Developments Pty Ltd NSWCA 5 Extension of the Duty of Care under DBPA The Supreme Court in Goodwin held that the coverage of duty of care under section 37(1) of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) (DBPA) extends beyond residential…
8 February, 2023

Do Costs Always Follow The Event?

  Introduction Costs in litigation can be as complicated as the substantive dispute. There are various types of costs orders that the Court may make and the legal principles behind each costs order. These are each well worth a detailed discussion in their own right. The general rule as to…